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In the entertainment industry, personal publicity is a form of representation that has long been utilized by above-the-line talent to tell their story. So what makes it equally as beneficial for behind-the-camera talent? In a nutshell, the answer is simple: PR builds brands through the power and strategy of storytelling. 

Publicity can create more awareness about what makes you, as an individual artist or company, unique and relevant. This happens by creating a strategic communications plan that is timely, refining your message and approaching the right media outlets for you to share your story with.  

Take a look at a few of our services below to get a glimpse of what we can do for you.

Brand Development

Everyone loves a good story.

Communicating a brand follows the same principles as a strong storyline. Whether you are an individual artisan or represent a company, having a message is key to showing audiences what you are all about.

In the crowded industry of entertainment, our job is to set you apart from all of the noise. We will craft and execute a publicity campaign that meets your goals, often using your current and upcoming film, television and/or theater projects as newsworthy platforms.

This encompasses working with specific media outlets that will interview you, submitting you for awards throughout the year, working with various studios and networks to see how we can get you involved in their PR campaign, and much more.

Media Relations/Training

Get Your Message Across.

A significant part of publicity is media relations because the press are the people that are sharing your story with the world.

We work with and have strong relationships with key media across a number of genres. This can include niche outlets that focus on your craft (costume designer, production design, visual effects, etc) to general entertainment, business, lifestyle, fashion and more.

In order to share the best story possible, we will do media prep with you which consists of interview pointers, potential questions and how to best deliver your message effectively.

Awards Campaigns

"And the award goes to..."

Awards seasons are incredibly exciting - from the Oscars to the Emmys and Tony - and we are here to support you during each campaign, from pre-nomination through the awards ceremony.

We work with the studios/networks to coordinate on publicity plans and ensure that you are receiving maximum exposure, from interviews to screenings and panels.

We're also there to guide you on the red carpet. Whether it's your first time on the carpet or you've been at awards shows many times before, it can be overwhelming. We will help you on the press line to make it a seamless process.

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