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Welcome to Storyline Public Relations

A PR Agency Representing Behind-the-Camera Talent
It all starts with a great story.

Behind-the-camera and curtain craftspeople are unique storytellers, from costume design to production design, visual effects, makeup, editing and beyond, that bring stories from script-to-screen and stage. No great story would be complete without these artists.


With thousands of media outlets and billions of social media interactions happening daily, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out. And that's where our expertise come in. From Hollywood to Broadway, Storyline Public Relations is an independent PR agency based in Los Angeles that specializes in working with creative artisans to help them share their skills with the world. 


We develop a fine-tuned communications strategy to elevate each client's personal brand in their professional industry and beyond so that their individual talent is being recognized.


At Storyline PR, we guide clients through the world of entertainment and enable them to navigate today's fast-paced news cycle while ensuring their creative voice is communicated as effectively and positively as possible.

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